EA working on '3 to 5' original next-gen games

"In the new cycle you're going to see a lot of new IP from Electronic Arts"

EA has confirmed it's working on "between three and five" new IPs for next-generation consoles.

Speaking to CVG at E3, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau claimed that despite a saturation of sequels planned for the next year, "In the new cycle you're going to see a lot of new IP from Electronic Arts."


He told CVG: "The introduction of new hardware from the big three is going to allow us to reembark on a bunch of new IPs, because it's the better time to do it, because you can really explore new ideas and do different things.

"In a market this massive, launching new IPs is very risky and it's a big investment to make these games. So it's a natural thing to see in this point in the cycle a little bit more emphasis on the knowns, but in the new cycle you're going to see a lot of new IP from Electronic Arts."

He added: "If you're running a studio organization, the moment you stop creating new IP , your creative organization dies. Because you have to constantly innovate and try new ideas and people within the organization want to do new things.

"I can tell you right now there's between three and five new IPs that we're working on that we're thinking about for the next-gen. Some of them might come to market, some of them might not.

"it's really one of those things where I'm consciously looking at introducing new IPs into the portfolio over the next several years as the new hardware comes into the marketplace that we can refresh."

The sharp-spoken exec claimed that if EA were to release a brand new IP "that nobody had ever heard of" right now, "it would be very difficult to get the mindshare of gamers."

"You might get really good press for introducing a new IP, but to sell a couple of million units to break even on it at this point in the cycle... discretion's the better part of valour, to hold it a little bit so you get a whole new market refresh."

In the same interview the EA exec told us the games industry is only getting 'half a show' at E3 this year due to only the 'opening act' of the next-gen cycle turning up in LA.