Kojima's new series may 'focus on concept of love, or raising a family'

Will Hideo's interest in 'human values' mean the death of Metal Gear? Or Big Boss playing dad in MGS5...

Hideo Kojima is working on a 'new series' that will focus on human issues like 'the concept of love, or rearing a family', the MGS creator revealed in an exclusive interview with CVG at E3.

What is less clear is whether his new games will be related to the MGS universe, how they relate to his mysterious 'Project Ogre', and when what form they'll take - but he did reveal some teasing clues...


"There are a lot of real world issues I want to address, but the reason I kept making the MGS saga and its sequels is that it allowed me to explore my ideas", said Kojima.

"But now I'm starting a new series, focusing on new set of issues. It'll probably be different to what MGS addressed. Of course, I'm turning 50 now, so if I'm going to approach new topics, it might be something more on a human level, like the concept of love, or rearing a family, things of that nature".

The Metal Gear creator is confirmed to be working on a mysterious game codenamed Project Ogre, which he previously tweeted would tackle a 'taboo' subject. "I'm not going out of my way to tackle a taboo subject", Kojima clarifies, "It's just that to tell the story I want to tell I may have to cross that bridge. I'm not doing it just to tackle an issue".

Is Project Ogre an MGS project? It's hard to tell, but Kojima Productions did advertise for staff for the 'next MGS' at the Games Developer Conference.

As CVG's MGS super sleuth noted after studying a year of Kojima tweets plus a raft of clues from the MGS storyline,the 'next MGS' might be set in Africa, in the 70s. During this period, the Les Enfants Terrible project occurs, heralding the birth of clones Solid Snake, Liquid Snake and Solidus. It's pure speculation, but could Kojima address themes of love and family via Big Boss' relationship with his unusual, cloned, family?

Either way, Kojima's next game sounds bold and experimental. "As a game designer, up to this point, games have evolved along a set of technical and artificial limitations, like a card game or chess. The rules are there", he said.

"But now it's evolved to the point where you can realise almost anything in a game world since technology has evolved, my perspective has changed from creating rules, to creating situations, and putting people in those situations. There's a lot of risk in that, but that's what I'm trying to accomplish now, to rise to the challenge and create something new based on a new type of game design".

Kojima was quick to praise Sony's The Last of Us but admitted it was 'in a different direction to what I hope to accomplish'. He also revealed that his new FoxEngine technology was extremely flexible, allowing designers to change elements as they worked, and was designed to be compatible with current, and potentially future, systems in mind.

Fingers crossed, we'll get concrete details sooner rather than later. "I know it (my new project) is risky but I feel there's a huge reward", says Kojima "Until then you can enjoy games like The Last of Us or MG Rising".

Stay tuned for the full Kojima interview, including his thoughts on the MGS series, FoxEngine, plus more on Project Ogre.