6 Secret Next Gen Announcements Being Shown At E3

They're hiding in plain sight...

For Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft and EA it was one last shove for the current generation. For Nintendo, it was a slightly botched attempt at pushing towards the next one. Peppered throughout every presentation, though, were telltale signs of the future, hidden in fresh new tech and blindingly pretty games. Here we uncover six, hiding in plain sight...


Star Wars: 1313

This is your first glimpse at the future. LucasArts' darker, grittier Star Wars cover-shooter was the best looking game at E3, bar none. The tantalisingly short walkthrough looked like a cutting-edge cutscene, but the game's director Dominic Robilliard assured people the footage was controlled by a real player, and running in realtime. This begs the question: on what?

According to Robilliard in a showfloor interview, the demo was built on an NVIDIA-powered PC. That's believable - a top-spec rig could just about handle the gorgeous fire effects and dynamically crumbling ship without crumbling itself - but there's no way in heaven or Hoth that box under your TV could pull it off. So unless this is a PC exclusive (and if your name's not Blizzard, that's not a smart move these days), 1313 will be heading to beefy new consoles next year.

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