Zampella: Respawn game reveal 'hopefully soon'

CVG chats to ex Infinity Ward boss at EA's E3 press conference

CVG managed to grab a quick word with Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella at E3, who told us that the reveal of the studio's hugely anticipated debut game would be "hopefully soon".


Zampella had been a special guest in the audience at EA's E3 press conference, and was congratulated by EA CEO John Riccitiello for his recent, and presumably lucrative, out of court settlement with Activision of lawsuits relating to Modern Warfare 2 and Zampella's exit from Infinity Ward, along with fellow Respawn co-founder Jason West.

Zampella told us that had the case not been resolved, he would have been "at the court house today". Asked what he'd made of EA's lineup, he picked out Criterion's blistering Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit as a highlight. No argument from us. It looks ball-tighteningly good.

But following a bombastic Microsoft conference at which shooters figured heavily in the form of Halo 4 and Black Ops II, and the similarly gun-heavy showing from EA with Medal Of Honor: Warfighter and Crysis 3, we asked Zampella if there isn't a danger that the FPS genre is dominating mainstream gaming unhealthily. Unsurprisingly, he doesn't see it as an issue "so long as those games are fun."

Respawn's game was previously outed by EA Games president Frank Gibeau as being a sci-fi shooter, and although we couldn't pin Zampella down on a more specific timeframe than "soon", the hope has to be that with the long-running legal battle finally over, we won't have long to wait. But it certainly won't be at Sony's press conference later today. "I didn't get an invite," joked Zampella.