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Nintendo's 5 biggest E3 triumphs

A look back at the house of Mario's best conference moments...

We're expecting great things from the big three next week. With every passing day our excitement for E3 grows. Recently the anticipation has had us thinking hard about our favourite E3 moments from the Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo press conferences.

With just a few days left until the show kicks off we thought we'd take a trip down memory lane and recount some of their E3 triumphs with you.

So far we've reminisced on our favourite Microsoft and Sony moments. To round-off the series we're going to finish with good old Nintendo.

As always feel free to share your favourite moments in the comments below. Here's our's...


Nintendo's E3 1996 conference opened with some bold claims from former American chairman Howard Lincoln.

"Today, you're going to see not only the world's best and most powerful videogames system but also the best videogame ever created. Mr Miyamoto's masterpiece - Super Mario 64." He wasn't kidding.

Compared to the spectacle of modern-day E3 press events, Mario 64's first on-stage demonstration was a more downbeat affair; a rushed walkthrough from Nintendo designer Ken Lobb - who had an impressive Mario styled moustache - and two testers.

However, once the pudgy plumber appeared on screen, very little attention was paid to the unenthusiastic ramblings of Lobb. Onlookers were mesmerised by Mario's incredible leap into the 3D era. The demo dropped jaws with revolutionary design features that helped form the DNA of modern games.

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