New 'Resident Evil: Downfall' title coming to 3DS - report

Rumours suggest a third Resi game bound for the portable

We've had two Resident Evil games for 3DS already. Why not a third? That, according to a new rumour, is exactly what Capcom is thinking.


According to a report today, a new Resident Evil game is in development for 3DS, due for release later this year.

The rumour, which reportedly came from Digital Spy before being swiftly taken down, suggests that the game is tentatively titled 'Degeneration-Damnation-Downfall', the first two being movies included with the game, and the third being the suggested subtitle of the game itself.

Apparently, Resident Evil: Downfall will be set between Resi 5 and 6, staring Claire Redfield as she 'witnesses the downfall of humanity'.

If it comes in the form of RE: Revelations-style gameplay, we're all for it.

[ SOURCE: NintendoWorldReport ]