Black Ops 2: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

The cycle of brief campaigns and endless multiplayer mayhem continues this year with Black Ops 2, the sequel to Treyarch's 2010 pre-Christmas blockbuster and the latest addition to Bobby Kotick's pension fund. From what we've seen so far Black Ops 2 continues the gritty tone of espionage, psychological warfare and end-of-the-world crises that made the original game a hit.

Despite the familiarity of the overused basic premise, the teaser trailer that hit the web last week unveiled some impressive scenes of death and destruction. It also established a firm focus on technological warfare in the future and the trouble encountered when your weaponised toys are turned against you, Black Ops 2 looks set to keep the saturated FPS-fire alive for just...one...more...year.

So what do we want from Black Ops2? We've seen the same ideas churned out every 12 months for a while now, so we're desperate for something, not least to keep Activision's cash cow at the top of its game, the pressure is on for Treyarch. Here's some of our ideas...



The year is 2025, we think the freedom to experiment with guns and gadgets is what is going to really help give Call of Duty the fresh twist it so desperately needs. With any luck Treyarch is planning to cram the game with far-fetched gadgetry and other fandangled equipment to make gunning down bad guys interesting again.

More than anything, we want to return to the real undercover style stuff from CoD4's famous sniping mission. Put us deep behind enemy lines and let us use covert tactics and hi-tech gear to take down our foes; goggles that let us see through walls and plan attacks; cloaking shields that let us sneak around the combat zone snapping necks and cutting terrorist throats without initiating city-wide firefights; vehicular drones akin to Metal Gear Solid's Mk.II to let us explore the the battlefield or mess with our enemies.

Given the almost-fantasy nature of the setting there's ample opportunity to go wild with ideas, the crazier the better as far as we're concerned.

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