Black Ops 2 interview: 'We're not just iterating, we're innovating on every front'

Mark Lamia on Treyarch's near-future sequel

While the narrative of each new Infinity Ward-developed Call of Duty can be boiled down to 'man blows up everything', Treyarch's first Black Ops endeavoured to weave a smarter narrative around the bombast of gunfire and explosions.


For Black Ops 2 the dev has its sights set on creating an ambitious story, an unforgettable villain and plenty of gameplay innovations to support it.

In a Black Ops 2 video interview with our colleagues at OPM UK, Treyarch's studio head Mark Lamia discussed how his studio is using experimental future warfare technology to make gameplay interesting, and provided a little insight into the nefarious figure pulling the strings behind the warfare.

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