Why Black Ops 2 will be better than Modern Warfare 3

5 reasons why Treyarch is poised to take the Call of Duty crown

As previously reported on CVG, the next instalment in the Call of Duty series will be formally unveiled on American TV this coming Tuesday, May 1st.

As it's (checks calendar) an even-numbered year, we know it's Treyarch's turn at the wheel. That means the mystery title is more than likely going to be Black Ops 2.

For many potential recruits, that will be reason enough to disengage. Treyarch has long had a reputation amongst gamers as Activision's CoD 'B' team - a studio that exists only to plug the scheduling gaps between the 'proper' Infinity Ward releases.


That however is an outdated view. Their last release, 2010's Call of Duty: Black Ops, was something of a 'coming of age' story for the Californian studio.

It marked the first time Treyarch were given the same luxuries as their internal rivals - luxuries such as a two-year developmental cycle and a mega-budget to rival NASA. Even a man with a face full of flashbang could see the massive improvements the extra love yielded over their previous efforts. Still, however, the expectations were that Infinity Ward would blow it out the water the following year with Modern Warfare 3.

But you know what? Now that the smoke has cleared, the hype dissipated and the last few remnants of the Eiffel Tower tidied up, we reckon that - whisper it - Black Ops holds up as being just as good as Modern Warfare 3.


We're not necessarily talking about the single player campaign - for our money, Treyarch's set-pieces and pacing still somewhat miss their mark. But as an overall package, Black Ops easily rivals the last two Modern Warfare games for breadth and variety of content.

And if they continue improving at their current pace, it's not inconceivable that Treyarch could soon overtake their beleaguered sister studio, who are still rebuilding after a mass staff exodus.

Over the next few pages, we look at some of the things Treyarch got right in Black Ops 1, and why they point towards Black Ops 2 being the best Call of Duty game ever....

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