God of War Ascension: What We Want To See

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

Kratos, the angriest man in all of ancient Greece, is back for yet another violence-filled revenge fest with God of War Ascension.

Having known almost for certain what Sony was teasing when they released a small hint last week, we now have a full trailer to gawp at. It doesn't show much, only some nice FMV effects of Kratos writhing in pain while Gaia drones on in the background, but we're still glad to see the deity killer back for some more bloody murder.

Or is he back for something else? Mad speculation has begun to circulate, it seems that Ascension is a prequel, so does that mean we'll be dealing with a soppy Kratos going through the hardships of paternal stress? Perhaps making his daughter's sandwiches before struggling through the bloodbath of morning school traffic to drop her off at school? We don't know, but we'd be surprised if Sony Santa Monica thought that was a good idea.

So what will we have? God of War III was a monumental technical and artistic achievement, so we're hoping for some impressive stuff when Ascension hits. Here are a few weird and wonderful ideas we're hoping for, give us yours in the comments below.



Kratos is an angry fella, but unfortunately with that unquenchable rage comes an almost unlikeable personality, one that leads our loincloth clad hero down a one way path of monosyllabic grunts and shouts until his audience eventually forget to take him seriously.

For us, that's exactly the case right now. God of War III might've been one of the most incredible action games ever created, but Kratos' as a character left a lot to be desired. We're bored of the pointless thirst for chaos, tired of the blood curdling calls to "ATHEEEENAAA" and bit fed up of killing absolutely everyone and everything in our path for little to no proper gain.

With God of War Ascension Santa Monica have the perfect opportunity to introduce a more personable Kratos. In a time before he got drunk on anger and murdered his family he has little reason to be so fuelled by such incomprehensible rage. Of course, we're not expecting a less bloody God of War game; violence is in the franchise's DNA, but a more structured story outside of the 'man kill everything' mantra would go down a treat.

We'd like to see Sony spend a little more time focussing on the Bruce Banner behind the Hulk.

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