6 things PS Vita needs to turn its fortunes around

What Sony can do make its handheld irresistible...

It's been two whole months since a small fraction of the gaming community rushed out to pick up a PS Vita on launch day.

And what a launch it was. Uncharted wowed our unsurprised eyes with visible proof of how damn gorgeous games can look on Sony's new baby. Meanwhile at the less-expensive-but-no-less-good end of the spectrum Motorstorm RC and Super Stardust Delta delivered snippets of bite size joy, proving the unsung worth of low-cost downloadable games on a powerful system.

Then there was Ridge Racer, which had us writhing around on the floor in a puddle of our own regret and sadness. We'll leave you to pick the bodily fluid that best represents those two emotions.

But now the thick smog of hype has calmed down and settled at our feet. What have we learnt from these precious eight weeks with Vita? Sure, it's still the pinnacle of handheld technology, far exceeding the raw power of 3DS and most mobile platforms, but things are far from perfect.

Most crucially, the slew of poor sales reports is enough to arouse a faint whiff of concern for Vita's future. Earlier this week it was reported that Vita sales in Japan hit yet another all-time low, and it isn't much prettier in the western market either.

Can the handheld pull out of this initial lull to thrive in the potential glory of brilliant hardware and fantastic games? We've got a few ways we think Sony can ensure Vita a long, fruitful life.



This sounds like an obvious nag at Sony, but it's worth noting nonetheless. Vita is very expensive right now, setting any potential buyer back a whopping £200+ for the console alone. That's without the overpriced memory cards and before you've even considered the most important decisions when buying a console: games.

So what to do? Considering the abysmal first month's sales it seems absurd for Sony to avoid the issue; a simple reduction in price could gain the support of a ravenous horde that is falling just short of the mountain of cash necessary to get in on the action right now.

E3 is visible on the horizon, so we may be lucky enough to see a price shift announced then, but it may not be until the Christmas period before Vita becomes more affordable. Either way, the sales figures reflect the current level of interest, so Sony need to react quickly before Vita is left as an empty husk which never reached its potential. Also...


The battery life is a bit crappy, fix it somehow. We don't know how, but do it.

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