Win! Sniper Elite V2 goodies

Amazing customised Xbox, copies of the game and merchandise up for grabs!

Sniper Elite v2 is the sequel to Rebellion's 2005 highly regarded stealth sharpshooter and with the main game releasing in May, a brand new demo has hit Xbox Live and PSN this week.

So we've teamed up with publisher 505 Games to offer you a chance to win some splendid Sniper Elite v2 themed goodies, with a first prize of a magnificent special edition Sniper Elite Xbox 360 plus a copy of the game, with runners-up prizes of copies of the game and special bullet USBs.

Artist's impression of the splendid customised Sniper Elite v2 console

Quality stuff.

But with such a special prize on offer, we're going to make you work a little bit for a chance to win, by engaging in a special sniper mission of your own behind enemy lines (well around the CVG site anyway).

What you'll need to accomplish is a special reconnaissance mission to seek out some of the amazing second World War propaganda posters which feature in Sniper Elite V2, which we've carefully concealed around the CVG site.

Simply hit this link to start your sniper mission, then follow the articles around the site, clicking on each propaganda poster when you discover it to take you to the next destination.

The final article will contain the answer to the question below, so when you discover it, come back here and fill in your answer to be in with a chance to win this amazing prize. Winners will receive their prizes within 30 days of the competition closing on 4th May.

Good luck sniper, you're going to need it!