Journey producer leaves thatgamecompany

Robin Hunicke departs studio shortly after co-founder Kelle Santiago

thatgamecompany executive producer Robin Hunicke has left the Journey developer to join Tiny Speck, creator of browser MMOG Glitch.


She's joined Tiny Speck's team in San Francisco, "where she'll be providing leadership in game design".

Hunicke will also be teaming up with Keita Takahashi, who joined Tiny Speck last year after Hunicke introduced the Katamari creator to the studio.

Prior to her time at thatgamecompany, Hunicke worked on series including Boom Blox and MySims at EA.

"When they told me they had an office in San Francisco, where folks were joining up to imagine new fun for Glitch... well, I must admit I swooned," Hunicke wrote on her personal blog.

It's the second high-profile departure from thatgamecompany this week, after studio co-founder and co-president Kelle Santiago left to seek new challenges. Their moves follow the conclusion of a three game exclusivity deal with Sony.

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