5 reasons Mass Effect is better than Star Wars

Why BioWare's sci-fi universe blows Lucas' to a galaxy far far away

Whether you like a good Lightsaber battle, darting through mass relays or a healthy balance of the two, it's hard to resist making comparisons between BioWare's Mass Effect franchise and Lucas' Star Wars.

Bioware's own Knights of the Old Republic aside, Star Wars has stagnated in recent years and been diluted by numerous shoddy spin-offs and tie-ins. Meanwhile, Mass Effect has been going from strength to strength, even managing to produce a few I-can't-believe-this-is-actually-good tie-in novels, comics and other fan bait products.

This leads us to one conclusion: Mass Effect > Star Wars.

We've come up with five reasons to illustrate our outlandish opinions and stuck them below, here us out before you launch a crusade to have us killed won't you?

We get to mingle with aliens


Aliens are a big part of Star Wars, but think back to the movies; remember any extraterrestrials that really stood out from the bunch? No, we don't either. More importantly, they only show up to discuss Yoda's spidey-senses, dance scantily clad in a jazz club or get brutally slaughtered.

We aren't saying Star Wars lacks great diversity - the animated Clone Wars series proves its depth - but the films don't capitalise on it, appearances made by extraterrestrials are largely brief and insignificant.

Mass Effect gives Lucas the finger and widens the focus by bringing us close to alien companions. We not only see them fill more screen time, we grow to care about them. We garner an interest in their race and history, and we want to keep them on our side. Politics and discussions still play an important part in the proceedings, but they're actually worth listening to in Mass Effect because they often directly impact you.

We also get the option to bed some of them, provided you build a meaningful relationship over dozens of hours beforehand. Can't do that in Star Wars.

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