Kojima's new game 'deals with delicate issues'

Metal Gear man striving for realism in his next project

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima's secret project in progress will deal with sensitive real-world issues, he has hinted.


While Kojima remain's tight-lipped on any real details on his next project, he did say at a recent Q&A session that realism is key.

"The game I'm working on right now is dealing with quite a few issues that are pretty delicate and taboo", he said, which is part of an effort to "bring those real-life issues to the forefront."

But nothing, it seems, has been nailed down. "I'm not sure if they'll end up being in the final product or not, but that's something that I want to continue to strive for," said Kojima.

He went on to reveal that he had visited a military base in San Diego to test out a shooting simulator, but was coy on details about that too. This could, however, offer a reference as to the type of game he's working on.

The Metal Gear man has already showed off the new engine that will power his as yet unannounced game - the 'Fox Engine'.

[ SOURCE: Shacknews ]