Win! Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City goodies

Xbox 360 versions and special collectables up for grabs!

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, the Resi Evil spin-off from Capcom and Slant Six games debuts this week and we've teamed up with the generous publisher to offer you Xbox 360 versions of the game, plus for one lucky winner, a collectible badge and G-virus sample you can see in the picture below.

Operation Raccoon City sees you step into the sinister boots of the Umbrella Security Service, a dedicated underground clean-up squad charged with eliminating all traces of Umbrella Corp's involvement in the Raccoon City disaster.

As well as a major single-player campaign, there's a host of new versus and co-op multiplayer modes to enjoy and tremendous amounts of fan service in one of the most iconic locations of the whole Resident Evil series.


So to be in with a chance of winning this lovely load of goodies, just answer the following simple question. (Hint if you don't know, perhaps you might discover the answer here in our Resident Evil: OCR versus mode preview).