Mass Effect 3 user reviews plummet to 2.5 - Gay scene, ending blamed

"Disappointment of the century," bark Metacritic users

Despite Mass Effect 3 reviews pointing to a strong game of the year contender, the BioWare sequel's Metacritic user ratings has plummeted to an astonishing 2.5.


Most of the 1000+ user reviews across all platforms are unprintable, but one common theme among them is criticism of the game's "horrible" ending and of course, that gay sex scene.

And just earlier today we were arguing that a gay Shepard shows games are finally growing up.

One user wrote: "What the hell were they thinking? putting gay scenes into video games? If i wanted political messages, id watch the news. I do NOT want games becoming yet another medium for propaganda."

Another added: "As a gay man, I am personally offended on so many levels of how it attempts to pander itself and yet at the same time portrays homosexuals very badly. For shame, BioWare."

Last year Metacritic admitted it's been targeted by crooked publications and negative review 'bombers' who target certain games and brand them with 0% review scores.

Mass Effect 3 certainly looks like one of those victims, and of course, surely all these people haven't finished it already?

Mass Effect 3 is out now in North America and will be available on these shores from Friday. If it wasn't clear enough from OUR Mass Effect 3 review, we think the third entry in BioWare's sci-fi trilogy is one of the best games you're likely to play this year.

[ SOURCE: Metacritic ]