Mass Effect 3: Master every power with our expert class guide

Our guide gives you all the answers you need...

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We've been playing the Mass Effect 3 constantly over the past few weeks, roadtesting the six character classes in order to deliver this - a one-stop shop to what will be the game's best powers.

Along with the six powers assigned to each class as detailed in this guide, characters also have access to Fitness and a class specific Mastery power. Fitness can be upgraded to boost melee damage, health and shields, whereas upgrading Mastery provides improvements to the unique powers of the class and increases the weight capacity bonus.


Weight capacity bonus is important as the recharge speed for powers is based on the weight of weapons being carried, meaning the heavier the load being carried the longer you have to wait between using powers. By increasing the weight capacity bonus you can carry additional weaponry without losing recharge speed - which is particularly useful for classes that start with a low weight capacity.

Which class you should select depends on the approach you plan to use. For example, if you want to focus on shooting then Soldier is the class to go for, whereas if you prefer biotic abilities then Adept should be your class of choice. Read on to see which of the game's powers you think will suit your playing style ahead of the game's release on March 9.

Click through to the next page for detailed descriptions of each class, but before you do, here's a video - captured from the demo - that shows each of the powers in action...

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