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The 25 best Xbox 360 games of 2012

If you've got one of Microsoft's consoles, this little lot should make you very happy this year.

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23. SpecOps: The Line


This intriguing third-person shooter from 2K Games is set in a war-ravaged Dubai which has descended into anarchy - an intriguing premise. You're on a military search-and-rescue mission - with a missing army colonel as your quarry - but things swiftly begin to go awry. Given that one of SpecOps: The Line's priorities is to encourage you to explore the moral dilemmas that routinely arise in a war, it should be considerably more thought-provoking than the average military shooter.

24. Tomb Raider


It's the turn of the delectable Lara Croft to receive a - much-needed, in our opinion - reboot. In the rather blandly titled Tomb Raider, we get to take the reins of a shipwrecked, 21-year-old Lara, fresh out of university, and help her to develop those survival skills that stood her in such good stead in all those other games. Throw a much grittier visual approach into the mix, and the result should be a thorough freshening up of one of the world's favourite games franchises.

25. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings


Fantasy and mythology is thoroughly to the fore in this epic action-oriented RPG/adventure game. Set in a much larger world, with even more stunning visuals than the original, it sees protagonist Geralt embark on another series of quests - and no doubt bedding plenty of virtual women along the way. Expect The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kingsto boast a revamped combat system and an incredibly involving storyline.

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