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The 25 best Xbox 360 games of 2012

If you've got one of Microsoft's consoles, this little lot should make you very happy this year.

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19. Ridge Racer Unbounded


It's Ridge Racer - but not as we know it. For Ridge Racer Unbounded, developer Bugbear has removed the emphasis on drifting and turned the cars into battering-rams: you can generate your own short-cuts by destroying bits of Shatter Bay, the US city in which it is set. If you enjoyed the likes of Burnout or Split/Second, it should be right up your street.

20. Risen 2: Dark Waters


If you like a good RPG, but aren't so keen on all the sub-Tolkien orcs, goblins et al that they feature, then Risen 2: Dark Waters demands your attention. It takes pirates in tropical islands as its subject matter, so you can expect adult dialogue, voodoo and lashings and lashings of grog. Publisher Deep Silver may not be the most fashionable outfit but, as Dead Island proved, it's a company that knows its RPGs.

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