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The 25 best Xbox 360 games of 2012

If you've got one of Microsoft's consoles, this little lot should make you very happy this year.

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10. Grand Theft Auto V


Will the latest version of Rockstar's unfeasibly popular third-person action-adventure franchise arrive before the end of the year? The company isn't saying yet - but we reckon it will. All we know so far is that it will be set in Los Santos (GTA-speak for LA). You can bet that GTA V will hog the headlines at this year's E3 Show, and of course we'll keep you fully filled in when that happens.

11. Halo 4


It's all change for Microsoft's much-adored first-person shooter: Halo 4 will be the first version of the game made by someone other than Bungie - 343 Industries, to be specific. What we do know is that it takes place after the war against the Covenant, and will star good old Master Chief again.

12. Hitman: Absolution


At last: Io Interactive has stopped fannying around and gone back to doing what it does best: making stealth-em-ups featuring everyone's favourite barcoded baldy, Agent 47. Featuring a storyline that starts with Agent 47 assassinating his handler and best friend, and a new game mechanic called Instinct that helps you play in whatever style suits you, Hitman: Absolution looks set to be truly epic.

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