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Lumines Electronic Symphony Vita review: A familiar trip

Tetsuya Mizuguchi's trippy take on Tetris is more appealing than ever on PS Vita

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Beyond the familiar Voyage mode, there's a welcome new one called playlist, which lets you arrange the order in which the skins you've unlocked arrive, and also lets you choose the order of your favourite music tracks. There's a Duel mode, available locally or via the Internet, which lets you battle your mates, and a Master mode for those who really fancy themselves as Lumines ninjas - it's the same as Duel mode, but with the speed cranked way up.

Lumines: Electronic Symphony is a pretty attractive day one purchase for the PS Vita. It's fearsomely addictive, and manages to be both soothing and psychedelic, which is no mean feat. Ubisoft has treated it to a judicious update for the Vita, which quite subtly renders it even more strategic, lets you customise it in an accessible rather than fiddly manner and gives you much more rewards for your endeavours than previous versions.

It may not be the most forward-looking of games - it's just tarted-up Tetris, after all. But if you play it, you'll be surprised by its hidden depths.

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The verdict

A judicious update of Mizuguchi's Tetris-with-knobs-on game, which makes sensible use of the Vita's diverse input mechanisms and introduces even greater strategic depth.

  • Good use of the touch-screen and touch-pad
  • Clever new strategic elements
  • More psychedelic than ever
  • Not exactly breathtakingly original
  • Can become repetitive
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