The 10 toughest Skyrim Achievements and Trophies - and how to get them

You haven't beaten Skyrim until you've beaten these

CVG is #1 for Skyrim. We've proven it already with our guide to getting the best armour in just two hours, the complete guide to World walls and dragon shouts, and our unmissable tips to getting married and making a fortune.

But, in Skyrim, there's always something bigger, better and more difficult to take on - and it doesn't get much more difficult than the 10 Achievements and Trophies below. They're amongst the toughest asks in the entire game - and the perfect way to sign off last year's biggest game.



How to get it: return the Thieves Guild to its former glory

To get this award, you need to join the Thieves Guild and complete a number of small jobs provided by Delvin and Vex - five in each of Whiterun, Markarth, Windhelm and Solitude, which unlock an additional quest in each city when the quintet of jobs have been completed. The jobs are assigned at random, so if you're given one in a city you've already cleared then speak to Delvin or Vex and tell them you want to quit - then get a new assignment until you have the city you want.

To access the final Thieves Guild quest you must have finished the main guild storyline up to and including Darkness Returns as well as the additional quests in the four cities above, then speak to Brynjolf to begin Under New Management and return the guild to glory. In some conditions this award can be missable if you don't retain your Thieves Guild armour until the end of the quests - so keep it on you or store it safely in your house as a precaution.



How to get it: capture Fort Sungard or Fort Greenwall

Once you side with either the Imperials or the Stormcloaks, a set of Civil War quests will open up that culminate in a battle for one of these forts. However, this award is potentially missable if you've previously completed the main story quest Season Unending, as during this quest your decisions determine which factions gain control of these forts. If the faction you side with already rules both forts then you cannot capture them and therefore can't get the award.

To avoid this, either complete the Civil War quests before the Season Unending story quest, or ensure the decisions you make in Season Unending give one or both of these forts to your opposing faction so you can win them back later.



How to get it: pick 50 locks and 50 pockets

By picking the locks on all the doors and chests you discover while exploring 50 locks should come naturally, however picking 50 pockets takes a bit more effort. Ideally you should join the Thieves Guild as the armour you receive will improve your pickpocket skills, then find a sleeping NPC and sneak up on them. Each item you remove from (or add to) their inventory counts, so a quick way to boost this award is to save your game, swap a handful of items then either reload if you get caught or save again and continue. Keep repeating this and you'll unlock the reward in no time.

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