Is PS Vita worth buying at launch?

Or is it worth waiting?

In just a few days time the PlayStation Vita will be in warehouses and on store shelves and we're pensively staring off into the distance weighing up whether it's worth running down to our local store and picking one up at launch.

The case for buying one at release are pretty strong, having had one in the office for a while now we're convinced it an excellent bit of kit. In our PS Vita review we said Sony has managed to cram the handheld with very "Impressive technology" and created a platform that has "uncompromised control inputs". We concluded our review by saying it's "a brilliant hardcore gaming handheld".

The PlayStation Vita also has one of the better launch line-ups of all the recent console launches, and the majority of games available alongside it are reviewing very well.


In our WipeOut 2048 review we said "Wipeout leads the pack of PS Vita racers. Although, the "new modes lack imagination" the "visuals are killer and the campaign always offers new events and objectives to fulfill." We awarded the game an 8.6 and called it a "must-buy."

Our Uncharted: Golden Abyss review was equally praise-filled. We said while it's not "quite up the standard of the PS3 games in either narrative or visual stakes" it is nonetheless "a triumphant outing for Drake", and perhaps the Vita's best launch title.

Other's seem to be equally impressed with its launch line-up, as is evident in our PS Vita games review round-up. Other games such as ModNation Racers Road Trip, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, FIFA and Hotshots Golf have all scored highly.

Sony seems to making some smart moves to entice us too; it's announced some games can be paid for once and downloaded on both the Vita and PS3, and revealed a very reasonable pricing structure for Vita games being released digitally.

We'll admit there's a few games on Vita we're itching to play, but are mulling over whether it's more prudent to hold off on buying one for a little longer.

So, we'd like to know what your Vita plans are; will you be rushing out and buying one in the coming week, and if so what game's are you interested in? Or will you be holding out for a little longer? Maybe there's a few of you that just don't care for it entirely, let us know in the comments below.