Crysis 3: What we want to see

This is our list but what do YOU want to see?

It's been almost a year since Crysis 2 hit PC and consoles, and to be honest, we're starting to miss having a little voice in our ears constantly telling us how we're so much better than everything else that ever existed.

"Cloak engaged" he says as we go all Predator and fade away into the background. Maximum speed it says as we run up behind an unsuspecting soldier. "Blurrrgh" says the guard as we pretend his head is the lid on a bottle of Coca Cola. What fun.

So with that said, we're getting just a little bit peckish for Crytek's next sci-fi offering. Where will it be set this time? Will our PCs be able to run it? Will there be animals to pick up and throw like the first game? We don't know. We've had a Crytek employee tied up in our basement and pelted with ducks for a month now, but he refuses to talk - much like Crysis 2's protagonist. At least he knows ducks can be effective weapons if thrown hard enough now.

So since EA hasn't announced something concrete we though we'd take the opportunity to list what we'd like to see. Y'know, like we do every week...

A story that we can remember


We can't really remember the plot of Crysis 2. We've pinched our eyes closed and thought really hard about it but can still only recall vague narrative bears. We're guessing it wasn't very memorable.

Perhaps in Crysis 3 we could have a story worth paying attention to, maybe with a likeable main character to root for and some interesting supporting characters. Crysis 2 did have some great set-pieces, but we didn't feel like there was much story linking them together. There was probably was, but as we said - we can't remember it.

The climax was a bit of a disappointment too. We've got faint memories of sneaking past a bunch of enemies in our invisibility cloak and then it just ended. Funnily enough the feeling of satisfaction was also faint.

For the sequel, Crytek might have an easier time crafting an engaging narrative if the game includes...

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