The 11 best PS Vita launch games

Going to buy a PS Vita? Then you'll also need these games.

The launch of a new console can be a fraught time, with your joy at getting hold of a shiny, pristine piece of hardware somewhat tempered by confusion over which games you should buy to play on it.

Launch game line-ups are always pock-marked by ugly, quick-and-dirty ports of games that weren't even any good in the first place. And the PS Vita, with its impressively large roster of 33 launch games is a case in point - some of its games have even been ported from mobile phones. However, buy any of this lot, and you can't go wrong.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss


Nathan Drake's latest starring vehicle isn't some knock-off constructed from bits of old Uncharteds that Naughty Dog found lying around in the garage: it's a bespoke effort for the PS Vita, made by Sony's Bend Studio (although it was overseen by Naughty Dog). It looks magnificent, and offers the full Uncharted experience - climbing, third-person shooting and puzzle-solving - with some added concessions to the PS Vita's unique attributes, such as reassembling ripped-up maps by touching and manipulating them, negotiating rapids and narrow beams by tilting and, ahem, making charcoal rubbings.

Drake also gets a new female sidekick, Chase, who is good for the customary banter. In other words, everything you'd expect from a proper new Uncharted game is present and correct - except, for the first time, you can carry Golden Abyss around with you.

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WipEout 2048

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If a new Sony console was ever launched without an accompanying WipEout game, it's possible that the world would, as a result, stop turning. Thankfully, WipEout 2048 should postpone the apocalypse for a while longer. It is, of course, a futuristic hover-racing game, with a pumping techno-trance soundtrack, and a set of glorious swoopy and vertiginous circuits.

Visually, it's breathtaking, it contains straight races, Zone races which reward precision and Combat races that are all about weaponry, and it has a much gentler learning curve than previous WipEouts. Bound to be a massive draw online, particularly since it lets you play against people with PS3s, via the PS Vita's Cross-play feature.

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F1 2011


Codemasters' has rightly won an awful lot of praise for the Formula One games it has made since acquiring the official licence, and this PS Vita take on the pinnacle of modern motor-sport was developed in tandem with the console versions. Which explains why F1 2011 looks amazing - and plays more or less exactly like its fixed-console siblings. The launch line-up proves that the PS Vita is a great platform for driving games - but f1 2011 is the only one among them with proper simulator credentials.

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FIFA Football

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