BioShock Infinite PS Move update, Ken Levine chat, chilling robot developers - in the NEW issue of PSM3

PSM3 talks at length to Ken Levine, plus reviews of FFXIII-2, Kingdoms of Amalur and The Darkness II

BioShock Infinite's developers don't know how BioShock Infinite ends.
That's one of many intriguing snippets
from our recent chat with BioShock Infinite's creative director Ken Levine - and our exclusive eight-page interview covers a wide variety of topics, including PS Vita, the nature of moral choice, the secrets of the 15-min E3 demo and the 1999 mode. PS Move owners might also be interested to learn how motion control will be implemented in BioShock Infinite, too...

"It's fully functioning and working," says Levine, "We haven't finished all the work yet, but it's totally there." PS Move compatibility should open the game up to a wider audience, he says: "My goals for it have been fairly consistent - that it gives an opportunity for people who aren't familiar or comfortable with the traditional DualShock experience an opportunity to get past that barrier of entry."

Broadening the market

"There are some people who come from a controller background that are very drawn to playing shooters on PS Move. Other than that, there are people that played Killzone 3 with PS Move - I think they did an excellent job - and it will be a consistent experience for those people. With BioShock Infinite we found there's a range of people who played the game and told us 'look, I don't really play shooters, but the thematic material in BioShock is really interesting to me'."

"I was always really bummed out when there were people outside of gaming, people in the movie industry, who saw the game and always said, 'Oh I watched my kids play it' because they were so unfamiliar with picking up a controller. It was such a barrier of entry for them. We needed to expand the audience without taking anything at all away from the existing audience. It doesn't ask you to replace the whole thing; it's basically an enhancement to the experience. We'll be showing it at some point down the road, I don't know exactly when. I think people who liked playing Killzone on the Move are going to enjoy it."

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