Capcom offers Resi 'Revelaitons' replacement sleeves

Miss-spelled cases will only affect first US shipment

Capcom will offer replacement case sleeves to gamers miffed at the typo on their copy of Resident Evil Revelations.


Early copies of the game contain a mistake on the spines of the box, with the title misspelled "Resident Evil Revelaitons".

The publisher says that the error will only show up only the first US shipment of the game, and those peeved about it can get a corrected sleeve straight from the official source.

"Customers who have received the misspelled version can contact our Customer Service line at 650-350-6700 or by email at and we'll send you a new insert for your case," says Capcom.

That's mighty nice of them, isn't it? We wonder if the misspelled versions will be worth a few bob in years to come...

[ SOURCE: Capcom ]