Resident Evil Revelations is no longer more expensive

Capcom drops previous premium down to the usual $40

Last year, Capcom said that Resident Evil Revelations was so massive that it was going to charge $10 more for it than your typical 3DS game. That, gladly, is no longer the case.


Capcom has confirmed today that it has dropped plans to sell the game at a premium, and it will now launch with the typical $40 price tag.

The publishers says the price comes "after weeks of effort". Speaking on its official blog, Capcom said: "Since the announcement of the $49.99 price point, we've spent weeks looking for a way to bring your cost down to standard 3DS pricing. Today we can finally confirm we were successful in this, and hope the reduced price encourages even more people to check out this strong entry in the Resident Evil canon."

That'll free up some pocket change to grab the Circle Pad Pro attachment for some dual analogue action with it.

[ SOURCE: Capcom Unity ]