God of War 4: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

With the rumours of God of War 4's existence ever increasing, Kratos' next adventure is on everyone's lips (except yours, before you comment saying "Not mine!"), ours included.

So, what do we want to see in the next game? More God murdering of course, but there are a few other extras that we'd like as well.

A word of warning: this feature will contain spoilers regarding the ending of God of War 3, so if you have any intention of completing that game but haven't yet done so, we'd advise you to come back when you have finished it.

New story arc

Bit of an obvious one this. Those that have finished God of War 3 will surely be wondering where the story could go for the next game; it doesn't have to go anywhere. Pretty much all of the Gods have been murdered at the hands of the stand-in God of War, so Sony Santa Monica didn't really leave themselves much room for expansion.

Zues has had his moment, on to bigger and badder things

So with that said, a new story based around figures of different mythology could be interesting, it would serve as a perfect opportunity vary the setting while staying true to the franchise. The obvious pick would be to go with Norse mythology and have boss fights against Thor, God of thunder; Odin, King of the Norse Gods; and a fight against Loki, the shape-shifting trickster.

The game could climax with Ragnarök, the apocalypse of Norse mythology, which plunges the world in to chaos with a series of various natural disasters, the deaths of a number of major Gods such as Odin, Thor, Heimdall - Watchman of the Norse Gods; and Loki.

According to Norse lore, Ragnarök culminates with the submersion of the world in water, eventually resurfacing anew and ready to start over. Sounds like the kind of epic set piece Sony Santa Monica are perfectly suited for.

Or Sony could go with Egyptian Gods, but we'd probably would prefer Gods of the Nordic kind. Though we wouldn't say no to a fight against Egyptian God, Bes - a dwarf who wears the skin of a lion.

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