Capcom makes embarrassing typo on Resident Evil Revelations box

Beware the rogue 'I'...

Capcom has managed to botch the cover of its 3DS survival horror Resident Evil Revelations with a too-obvious-to-ignore typo.


Press that have received early copies of the game have been posting images of the amusing blunder on Twitter.

The spine of the Nintendo 3DS title should read 'Resident Evil Revelations' but instead says 'Resident Evil Revelaitons'. Capcom has said the first production run in the US will all carry the error.

Capcom made a similar box art slipup on the Nintendo Wii release of Okami, which had the IGN logo on it. To remedy the situation it released a snazzy new cover which people could print out and use. We expect it will do the same for Resi.

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