Add Lumines Electronic Symphony to your Vita must-have list

All-new Vita entry looks much improved over the PSP classic

Lumines was one of the best games on PSP, and while everyone has their eyes focused on Vita's AAA titles like Uncharted and WipEout, the Vita sequel to Lumines also deserves some attention.


Q Entertainment's James Mielke, the producer on Lumines Electronic Symphony, stresses that the new PS Vita sequel is an entirely "brand new game".

New visuals treats include "3D blocks instead of 2D sprites, which allow us to integrate dynamic lighting and animations mechanics," he explains. "Along with our high quality graphics, we have tailored the audio in our game to be highly integrated with music and game sounds.

The game will make use of the touch screen control, which Mielke says "will be perfect for new comers to the series" while seasoned fans can stick to the tried and trusted D-pad or analogue controls.

In the previous game you could only unlock skins and their accompanying beats by reaching the required level in the puzzle mode - levels which many of you may never have reached.

To fix this, the new game ties unlocks to a new XP system, which accumulates your accomplishments in the game, large or small, and levels-up your status so that even not-so-skilled players can eventually unlock everything.

And Avatars have now been upgraded from a visual decoration to a real gameplay mechanic - with each avatar offering different special abilities for single and multiplayer modes, and there are multiple avatars to unlock.

We're excited. It'll be out in US on February 14 - a week before the Vita itself - and February 22 in EU alongside the new portable.

See some new screenshots below.

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]