Uncharted: Golden Abyss video shows off gyro-aim controls

Sony Bend Studio tweaks the aim controls for Uncharted Vita

With aiming controls being such a hot topic with Uncharted 3, it's rather fitting that Sony Bend Studio tries something interesting with aiming in its Vita episode, Golden Abyss.


The new video below shows off what the dev calls 'Intu-aim', which lets you combine the right analogue stick with subtle gyro-powered movements to fine-tune your aiming during gunplay.

It was previously shown working with the sniper rifle but here it can be seen used more universally. With the analogue for major adjustments and motion control for smaller tweaks to aim, this could be really cool.

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Sony Japan recently release a massive 10 minutes of gameplay footage from Golden Abyss, well worth seeing.

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]