Skyrim: Find every Word Wall, learn every Dragon Shout

Locations of all 60 Words of Power and the incredible Shouts they unlock

There are so many Dragon Shouts in Skyrim that, even if you've played for 100 hours, you still probably missed a few. So here are the locations of every Word of Power - the magical language of the dragons that alllows you to harness the ancient power of the Thu'um - and their effects.

Animal Allegiance ("Raan Mir Tah!")

Effect Makes wild animals fight alongside you

First Location Angarvunde. Inside you'll find a Dunmer called Medresi Dran who asks you to help her find some treasure. Whether you help or kill her, you'll still be able to locate the Word of Power.

Second Location At the top of Ancient's Ascent. You'll have to travel through Bonechill Passage and fight a level-scaled dragon.

Third Location Ysgramor's tomb in Winterhold. You'll need to have the Companions quest 'Glory of the Dead' activated to access this.

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Aura Whisper ("Laas Yah Nir!")

Effect Reveals enemy/NPC locations

First Location This Word of Power is protected by a dragon at Northwind Summit. If your sneak skill is high, it's possible to kill the dragon with one hit if you remain undetected.

Second Location In Valthume you'll find the Dragon Priest, Hevnoraak, guarding this Wall. He's tough, so make sure you're prepared for a hard fight.

Third Location You'll find this Wall in the depths of Volunruud. The Dark Brotherhood quest 'The Silence Has Been Broken' will take you there.

Become Ethereal ("Feim Zii Gron!")

Effect Turns you briefly invisible

First Location Ironbind Barrow in Winterhold.

Second Location Lost Valley Redoubt in the Reach.

Third Location You'll visit a dungeon called Ustengrav during an early story mission, 'The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller', and find the Wall inside.

Call Dragon ("Od Ah Viing!")

Effect The dragon Odahviing aids you in battle

Location All three Words of Power of this Shout are learned in the main quest ('The Fallen'). You have to defeat Alduin for Odahviing to respond to your call, however.

Call of Valor ("Hun Kaal Zoor!")

Effect Heroes of Sovngarde aid you in battle

Location Once again, all three Words are learned at once for this Shout. You earn it when you've defeated Alduin and completed the main quest.

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Clear Skies ("Lok Vah Koor!")

Effect Clears weather

Location Another all-in-one Shout, earned after finishing the main quest, 'Alduin's Wall'. You'll need this to clear the path to the highest point of the Throat of the World.

Disarm ("Zun Haal Viik!")

Effect Removes an enemy's weapon

First Location Atop Eldersblood Peak, a dragon lair near Morthal.

Second Location Inside the dungeon Silverdrift Lair.

Third Location During the Thieves Guild quest 'Speaking With Silence' you'll find this Word Wall inside a barrow called Snowveil Sanctum.

Dismaying Shout ("Faas Ru Maar!")

Effect Causes enemies to flee in terror

First Location The Daedric quest 'Pieces of the Past' sends you to Dead Crone Rock where you'll find this Word of Power.

Second Location Labyrinthian in Hjaalmarch.

Third Location A dragon lair, Lost Tongue Overlook, in the Reach.

Dragonrend ("Joor Zah Frul!")

Effect Forces a flying dragon to land

Location You learn all three Words of this shout during the main quest ('Alduin's Bane'). It can be used on regular dragons.

Elemental Fury ("Su Grah Dun!")

Effect Increases the speed of melee attacks

First Location Dragontooth Crater, a dragon lair in the Reach.

Second Location Statue to Meridia in Haafingar.

Third Location Shriekwind Bastion in Falkreath Hold.

Fire Breath ("Yol Toor Shul!")

Effect Attack enemies with a burst of flame

First Location In the Companions quest 'Proving Honor' you'll visit Dustman's Cairn in Whiterun Hold, and the Word of Power can be found inside.

Second Location A cave full of mages and necromancers in Falkreath Hold called Sunderstone Gorge.

Third Location Learned during the main quest, 'The Throat of the World'.

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