Kojima reveals Metal Gear Solid 5 ideas

Starring The Boss and her Cobra unit during the invasion of Normandy

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has revealed a few of the ideas he's had for MGS5, which has yet to be officially announced.


"Metal Gear Solid 4 wrapped up in 2008, and the dev team took post-project time off right after that," he said in a new documentary detailing the development of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

"But, of course, we were in a situation where we had to start planning for MGS5. So I started coming up with several ideas.

"I had several ideas for a game featuring The Boss and the Cobra Unit during the invasion of Normandy. I then handed these plans over to the team so they could take over and make the game.

"I presented my ideas to the team during the summer of 2008. However, simply dropping MGS5 on the younger staff members was a bit heavy and there was resistance to doing it without my involvement."

Fans will know The Boss as Naked Snake's (Big Boss) mentor from Metal Gear Solid 3, who founded the Cobra unit with all the bosses from that game - The Pain, The Fear, The End, The Fury and The Sorrow - during World War II.

Kojima was hard at work on a separate project at the time he pitched the ideas, but said his development team was reluctant to take charge of the game without his direct involvement.

"At the time, I was working on a new project. It was during the planning phase of that project and I wanted the staff to take charge of the new title," he explained.

"There was resistance to that idea, though. It was then that someone proposed the idea for what would become Rising. It was a game based on Raiden's story, since MGS5 had too much weight to it. It would be a side story that the team felt more comfortable working with."

Kojima confirmed over the weekend that a new "authentic stealth MGS" is coming, and asked fans to patiently wait for the sequel.

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