The Elder Scrolls 6: What we want to see

This is OUR list, but what do YOU want to see?

Congratulations. By reading this, it means that you've successfully pulled yourself away from Skyrim long enough to do something a little more productive.

The Elder Scrolls 5 is an amazing RPG, and is definitely worth your time if you're into all that fantasy lark. It's just a shame that it's marred by a wealth of bugs and glitches. PS3 users are hit the worst, what with the stuttering bug that renders the game practically unplayable and that..

So in between our Skyrim sessions, we've been thinking about what we want from The Elder Scrolls 6 (or VI for all you Roman numeral obsessives). Perhaps have a think about it yourself and share your thoughts in the comments below. After you've read ours first, of course...

More voice actors

Considering the vast amount of NPCs populating the world of Skyrim, you'd think Bethesda would invest in more than just three voice actors. Alright, so there probably were more than three voice actors, but we have a hard time recalling more than three.

We got tired of hearing the same voices over and over again, especially from the guards. Yes, I know a knee injury ended your career as an adventurer like me, just shut up already! Or at least say it in voice different from the last 500 guards that said that exact same line. Also, buy some knee guards for gads sake.


It just breaks the immersion. We get that Bethesda couldn't possibly create unique, original NPCs for every single person in the game, but putting a little more work towards making them more varied wouldn't go unnoticed.

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