Are Skyrim glitches ruining your fun?

Or are you soldiering on?

Buying a Bethesda game at launch is a risky move.

The studio might be the best in the business at crafting expansive, evocative worlds and building deep, satisfying RPG experiences, but when it comes to gluing it all together its proved itself less than capable on more than a few occasions.

Since its release a few week's ago the developer and publisher's latest effort, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, has been besieged by news of various bugs and glitches.

The first reared its ugly, low-resolution head just two days after release, when it was discovered that installing the game onto the Xbox 360 hard drive triggered an error in which the game was unable to load up high-detail textures, instead offering Vaseline coated visuals.

Out of sight, out of mind

The worst of the bunch saw dragon born heroes on the PlayStation 3 stumble around Skyrim, crippled by one digit frame rates, the inability to interact with NPCs, complete quests and lag when the size of save files exceeded 5-6MB.

There have also been some less malicious oddities that have given the game an endearing quality. Our favourites include rocketing into the sky when hit by a giant, flying horses, dragons flying backwards and circumventing the stigma attached to stealing by placing large pots over the heads of anyone nearby so they can't see you do it.

Commenting on Skyrim's performance failings Official PlayStation Magazine UK's editor Tim Clark said although he's "bonkers" about Skyrim, he didn't want the bug-ridden experience to sour the game.

Which got us thinking; how has the bugs, performance and gameplay quirks related, impacted your gameplay experience of Skryim? Are you restarting your PS3's regularly and putting up with muddy textures just so you can satiate your thirst for Skyrim? Or have you put the game aside and are planning to pick it up once it's stable?

Let us know in the comments below.