100 Hours in Skyrim: Part 5

Hours 60 to 100 - Murder, betrayal and getting on mother nature's bad side

I've made a new friend. His name is Mehrunes Dagon, and he's the Daedric Prince of Destruction. We've only known each other a few minutes, but I've already killed someone for him. He asked nicely, and I wanted to make a good first impression.

The corpse is Silus Vesuius, owner - well, former owner - of a museum in Dawnstar celebrating the history of the Mythic Dawn. These guys were responsible for the Oblivion Crisis (that's the events of The Elder Scrolls IV), and used to worship Dagon as a god before the Hero of Cyrodiil wiped them out.

Silus had hired me to locate the broken fragments of the legendary weapon Mehrunes' Razor. This ebony dagger was forged by Dagon himself in the depths of Oblivion, and has a small chance of instantly killing an enemy when you strike them with it.

Now that I have the pieces, I've travelled to Dagon's shrine in the mountains of Skyrim and asked the Dark Lord to repair the blade. Dagon considers me worthy of his attention and agrees, but only if I kill Silus. Silus said he would pay me handsomely for the Razor, but Mehrunes is not someone you want to piss off - and I want that blade. I raise my sword and Silus protests, but it's too late. I cut him down and he crumples to the ground like a sack of meat.


Dagon is pleased with me. The shattered fragments of the Razor rise from the altar and fuse together in a flash of white light. I pluck the floating dagger from the air, and feel a stab of guilt as I see Silus' corpse lying in a heap in the snow.

"One final challenge, mortal." booms Dagon's voice, and suddenly two Dremora - powerful demons from Oblivion - are summoned from the abyss and attack me. Crap! I should have known he'd pull something like this. Daedra aren't known for their honesty, especially old Mehrunes. It's a tough battle, but I manage to defeat them. I loot their bodies and discover a key to the interior of Dagon's shrine, and find a huge pile of gold and ore inside.

I ride home with Mehrunes' Razor sheathed in my belt and a small fortune lining my mysteriously deep pockets. Not a bad haul, even if I did have to befriend a demon and murder someone in cold blood. Sorry, Silus. See you in Oblivion, mate.

The suspicious Orc

I continue my journey and ride for Whiterun. On the way I stumble across a group of Imperial soldiers standing in the middle of the forest. Curious, I stop to see what they're up to. When I approach, I notice that the leader is an Orc. This strikes me as odd, as I don't recall seeing any Orc Imperials anywhere else in Skyrim. "Halt!" he shouts as I draw near. "Uh, we're on Imperial business and you're, uh, trespassing. You'll have to pay a fine, uh, citizen."


When I look closer, I realise that it's only the Orc that's wearing a full set of Imperial armour. His two cohorts are dressed in bandit rags, but with distinctly out of place Imperial helmets resting awkwardly on their heads. Behind them I see three bodies - two dead Imperial soldiers, and a naked man who's been stripped of his clothes. Aha!

Seeing through the Orc's scam, I agree to pay the fine of 100 gold. As they walk away thinking they've won, I unleash a mighty fireball. One of the bandits dies, but the other two - including the leader - come charging towards me, two-handed swords primed. They're no challenge, and their deaths are swift and bloody. I search the Orc's body and take back my gold.

As I ride away, I stop for a moment beside the corpses of the fallen Imperials. If you've read my diary before you'll know that I have no love for the Empire, but I found the scene before me quite sad. I imagined they were new recruits on their first mission, fresh out of training at Castle Dour, when the Orc and his gang caught them off guard and slaughtered them.

The call of nature

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