Chuck Norris, Naughty Dog and Keith Vaz are in CVG's Heroes & Villains of the week - 25/11/2011

Our champions and chumps over the past seven days...

For every entity doing good, there is one doing bad. So let's give a round of applause for the good guys and let's name and shame the baddies.


Who: Steam
Why: Steam sales


For those that aren't PC gamers, the Steam sales are enough to make some consider jumping ship. Nothing makes a PC gamer happier than a Steam sale. Yes, I think I will buy Fallout: New Vegas for £3.75. Oh, I'll get that awesome indie game for 99p too. Mass Effect 2 for a fiver? Oh go on then. And Duke Nukem Forever for a tenner? Hmm... actually, nah, I think I'll pass on that one, thanks.

Who: Chuck Norris
Why: For approving World of Warcraft, and punching us through our monitors


Chuck Norris is our hero every week, but this week in particular for starring the new World of Warcraft advert and punching us all in the face through our PC monitors. We couldn't be more honoured to be punched in the face by you sir. Thanks, Chuck Norris.

Who: Naughty Dog
Why: For doing Jak & Daxter HD, at last


Naughty Dog makes our heroes this week for bringing back a much loved gaming classic: Jak & Daxter... in HD. Set to release in February 2012, the Jak & Daxter HD collection features smoother gameplay animation, crisp, high definition 720p visuals and support for full stereoscopic 3D.

And trophies.

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