Secret Battlefield 3 online tips - direct from the developers

Dominate the multiplayer with these killer loadouts from the team at DICE

Struggling to boss the competition in Battlefield 3? Constantly at the bottom of the leaderboards? Is your Kill/Death ratio embarassingly low? Or perhaps you just want to get better at Battlefield 3. Fear not! We've been in touch with the guys at DICE, and they've given us these killer load-outs - one for each class - which will help you get better at the game. Guaranteed. Ish.

My Favorite Battlefield 3 Loadouts and Why, By Aleksander Grøndal, Producer, DICE

Primary Weapon: AN-94, Two-Shot burst
Accessory slot 1: PSO-1 (4x)
Accessory slot 2: Underslung Rail
Accessory slot 3: Heavy Barrel
Secondary Weapon: M9
Gadget: M320
Gadget: Defibs
Specialization: SQD Suppression
"When I play Assault I want to make sure that I am as versatile as possible. With the AN-94 and the M320 (a underslung grenade launcher) I can go in on Mid-to-Close ranges and deal considerable damage in short time. This setup requires me to use aim very carefully, but very deadly. Keeping one step behind to revive any friendlies as we assault the next point. The suppression helps me disorient my opponents and usually gives me the extra time to get that headshot in"

Primary Weapon: M39 EMR, Single Fire
Accessory slot 1: ACOG (4x)
Accessory slot 2: Foregrip
Accessory slot 3: Suppressor
Secondary Weapon: 93R, Full Auto
Gadget: MAV
Gadget: Radio Beacon
Specialization: SQD Sprint
"This is by far my favorite Recon setup. The M39 EMR with the ACOG (4x) scope puts me at optimal range for mid-range combat. First I take the MAV and scout the area I'm about to attack and see what is hidden in the area, then I land the MAV and it now acts as a motion sensor. I then choose my attack angle and pick off some targets with the silenced rifle. The silencer makes it slightly more difficult to find me. I then place down the radio beacon to get some squad support from a decent position. When I get closer I switch to my 93R full auto pistol to take out opponents really close. If my MAV still is alive I move this on to the next area and rinse repeat, that or just have it spot targets for the mortar teams. I've found that this setup works well on all maps."

Primary Weapon: M249, Full Auto
Accessory slot 1: M145 (3.4x)
Accessory slot 2: Bipod
Accessory slot 3: Extended Mag
Secondary Weapon: G17C
Gadget: Ammo Box
Gadget: M224 Mortar
Specialization: SQD Frag
"This support setup really lets me play the role to its full potential. The M249 with Bipod and extended mag is perfect for setting up at location to cover my team. It lets me control the area in front quite a long time and scaring off opponents. The mortar lets me scare off any defender in the area and is even better if I have a recon on my team spotting targets. It can also force tanks to keep moving. As always, recons are your worst enemy so I always keep my eyes open"

Primary Weapon: SCAR-H, Full Auto
Accessory slot 1: Reflex
Accessory slot 2: Foregrip
Accessory slot 3: Suppressor
Secondary Weapon: M1911 TACT
Gadget: SMAW
Gadget: Repair Tool
Specialization: SQD Explosives
"I typically play engineers when there are vehicles around, but this setup works quite well against infantry as well. The SCAR-H packs a great punch at close to medium range firing in controlled bursts and I use the SMAW to destroy opponents cover. With the Squad explosives specialization I have more rounds with the SMAW so I'm well suited to take out any land based vehicles. I send off a rocket onto building facades to rain down debris on enemies below for some good kills. Another key is to keep any friendly vehicles healthy by repairing them, so I keep close to tanks or drive them myself."

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