CoD: Black Ops dominates US with 15 million sales

Triples sales of any other game in the region released since January 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops has sold a massive 15 million copies in the US, slaughtering all other games released since the beginning of last year.


This is according to new NPD figures released via a Ubisoft earnings report.

The numbers take into account sales of games released as early as January 2010 right up to September 2011. Black Ops didn't release until November 2011, and yet it has managed to triple the sales of its nearest competitors released in that timeframe.

Second on the list is Ubisoft's Just Dance, which did just over 5.2 million US sales in the same window, followed by Madden NFL 11 with 5.2 million and Halo Reach with 4.7 million sales. The full list is on Gama.

Modern Warfare 3 launched in US and Europe today, and is expected by analysts to sell up to 6 million copies globally within its first 24 hours.

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]