Battlefield 4 - What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

So you may have heard that a little game called Battlefield 3 released last week. Critics seem to think it's pretty good and we agree for the most part. We're having a blast in the multiplayer when we're winning, which admittedly doesn't happen often, but there are a few aspects that leave us a little disappointed.

So we thought we'd make ruminate on what's rubbing us the wrong way in Battlefield 3 and put together a list of what we want to see DICE and EA improve for its eventual sequel. As always let us know how you're getting on with the shooter and what you'd like from the next one in the comments below.

These are the things we want to see in Battlefield 4...


There are only six co-op levels in Battlefield 3, on top of that they're all pretty short and fairly linear, which - unless you're going to for higher scores - doesn't leave much room for replaying. In the end most people would probably rather just play multiplayer... if they can get it working.


Perhaps DICE could bump up the player count to four as well. The Battlefield 3 co-op levels are designed with two players in mind but that can always change for the sequel, and given how focused it is on squad combat we think it should. In Battlefield 3 there's a mission in which both players have to provide sniper support for a team on the ground, we're thinking with four players, two players could still snipe while the other two are down on the ground, taking out hostiles up close.

We had a blast with the Onslaught mode on Bad Company 2 and that was basically just the Conquest mode with bots, so four player mayhem with actual missions would be a fantastic addition.

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