GTA 5 reveal trailer - Dissected

Picking apart GTA 5's debut...

On this week's dissected we're going to take a closer look at - what else - the new Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer, which Rockstar debuted earlier today.

Most people, including us, speculated that Rockstar would set the fifth entry in the mainline series in real world L.A, however, it's delivered a bit of a treat by returning to the still-fictional streets of San Andreas.

The first thing we hear is a voice over; "Why did I move here? I guess it was the weather". Since we're not shown the main character in this short trailer all we've got to go on is this voiceover, which, although it might be a stretch to guess, seems to have a hispanic tinge to it, suggesting GTA 5's main man might be of Latino American origin.


Our first view of a setting is a serene, beautiful beach, the sun blaring down on a couple that's walking a dog, just one of the small pieces that makes up the great American dream pie. Also, we think this might have been the first time we've seen a dog in a GTA game. ANIMALS CONFIRMED?

"Or the, ah, I don't know that thing, that magic", he continues, "you see it in the movies, I wanted to retire, from what I was doing, you know." It's a small detail but the convertible sports car waiting at the traffic light puts its hood up, which would be a new feature for cars.

The first thing you'll notice is the scope of what we're shown. In the immediate foreground palm trees are dotted around, cars line the roads and off in the distance skyscrapers tower over them both. It looks much more colorful and cleaner than the last entry in the franchise, certainly.

The trailer cuts to a man at a golf club driving the ball off into the distance and then another guy on a jet-ski. Perhaps just a couple of the many extra-curricular activities we'll be able to enjoy in Grand Theft Auto 5?


The next shot features three hikers, posing for the camera with the mountains dominating the skies behind them. The appearance of mountains suggests that we'll be travelling outside Los Santos, which seems to be most of what the trailer shows. The mountainous area certainly wasn't part of the Los Santos we remember. It could be Mt. Chiliad, the 2,000 foot tall mountain located in Whetstone.

The narrator says he wanted to get away from "that line of work", it doesn't take a genius to figure out he's talking about a life of crime. He says he wants to "be a good guy, a family man". Another former no-goodnick wanting to leave his lowlife ways behind for the comfort and stability of family life then. Let's hope he doesn't have a cousin.

"So, I bought a big house, came here", the buying of houses was a big part of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and San Andreas, it might be making a comeback.


At this point we're given a fleeting glance at a few freeway signs, which read Little Seoul, the 'Chinatown' comparisons are obvious here, and Los Puerta fwy, a few of the other areas we'll no doubt be getting up to no good in.

During a panning shot we can see two small signs for 'Muscle Sands' and 'Pump Buddy', which may be an indication that players will be able to pump iron like they did in the original San Andreas. Of course this would also mean that other customisation features such as gaining weight could return.

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