Battlefield 3 or Uncharted 3 - Which has your attention this week?

Debate: Hard decisions need to be made...

The latest of our first-world problems tasks us with making a tough decision; choosing between two of this years biggest games. Oh, woe is us.


Over the next week and a half both Uncharted 3 and Battlefield 3 hit store shelves, putting many of us in the unfortunate position of having to pledge our money, time and commitment to one over the other.

Ordinarily it would be a simple case of thinking about which genre or series makes us look most like Jack Nicholson's Joker, picking that and then merrily skipping all the way home. But this year that's easier said than done.

The recent spate of review scores has thrown a spanner in the works. Both games are hitting all the right notes, receiving an overwhelming amount of 9 and 10 scores, which make it all the more difficult to resist the duet of siren calls.

In our own Uncharted 3 review we said that "confident storytelling, astonishing visuals and obscenely ambitious set pieces make Uncharted 3 the best of the series" calling it "an absolute must-have".

In our Battlefield 3 review we said the game is "infinitely more impressive than Bad Company 2 and irrefutable proof that DICE have now firmly stepped into the hallowed ranks of the absolute top-tier developers. COD or not, this deserves a place in your collection - not to mention a place in your heart."

Of course, we could just buy both, but that would send our carefully planned video game purchasing schedule into disarray and would be a little bit irresponsible to boot since we're not likely to play both at the same time.

So we're asking you, what do you do in these situations and what goes into your decision making process?

Which world-beater will you be opting for and why? And, as a bonus question, do you buy multiple games at once and how do you split your time between them? Let us know.