Win! Forza 4 track day

Drive the awesome foursome that power Turn 10's 360 racer

Forza 4's no doubt been speeding its way into your hearts and minds this week, with Turn 10's high performance supercar speedster already powering its way into the number one slot in the UK charts.

To celebrate Microsoft's festival of speed, we've teamed up to offer CVG readers a very special opportunity, a chance to drive some of the high performance supercars like the Lamborghini Gallardo, the stunning Ferrari 360, the flawless Porsche GT3 and Aston Martin that feature in the game.

For over two and half hours in either Oxfordshire or Yorkshire, you'll be able to drive high speed circuits (under instruction, naturally) in these snarling, high performance beasts and compare your Forza 4 lap times and performance to the real life thing in a driving experience worth hundreds of quid.

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It's a totally awesome foursome of high speed driving bliss.

How do you get a chance to win such driving goodness? That's easy. Just watch the pre-roll Forza 4 ad on the video above (it may take you a few goes) and answer the following questions - which are designed to be a bit devious and test your powers of forensic supercar examination.

Good luck!