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Call Of Duty Black Ops: Rezurrection

Just die already...

Black Ops' fourth and final DLC offering gives us mere mortals the chance to enjoy the bonus content that was previously given away to owners of the Hardened/Prestige Editions (at a hefty mark-up, naturally).

Uniquely among Call of Duty DLC packs it's an all-Zombie map affair, so you'll really need to be a fan of CoD's (admittedly pretty good) take on the Horde mode genre to get your tenner's worth here.

Unfortunately and paradoxically, that would likely mean you already own four of the five maps, since Rezurrection 'borrows' them from 2008's CoD: World At War. So this is a compilation that, much like its heroes, finds itself on the defensive right from the opening bell.


Thankfully, the package is saved by the fifth map of the piece being almost apologetically brilliant. As you'll gather from its name, Moon takes place on Earth's satellite (via a brief detour through Area 51), and this unusual (by Call of Duty standards) setting poses a whole new set of problems to the player, rookie and pro.

The most pressing: no oxygen. Unlike other Zombie maps, this is no slow-burner - the action kick-starts with a mad dash for breathing apparatus.

Once suited and moonbooted, you'll have to contend with the low gravity conditions (which lets you glide through the air like Knuckles the Echidna) and,more dangerously, the eerie silence of the scene, which makes it easier for the zombies to creep (well, float) right up behind you and nosh out what brains you have.

Nonetheless one new map, no matter how good, cannot carry the burden of the rich idiot-baiting 1200MP price tag. For that silly amount of money, we're perfectly entitled to ask why the moon doesn't come on a stick.

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The verdict

Moon is a clever zombie map fraught with panic and drama - something which CoDBLOPS already has in ample supply. Bluntly put, a rip-off.

Xbox 360
FPS, Action