Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 gameplay: Dissected

Trailer Analysis: 46 screenshots from the latest footage

The first official Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 gameplay footage was released on Monday in the form of a typically treacherous trailer.

If you were ever in any doubt that Battlefield 3 on console would pale in comparison to its PC counterpart, the Operation Guillotine trailer should have put you at ease.

Okay so it might not have the same high-end PC clout on console but there's no denying Battlefield 3 still looks pretty impressive on the 360.


It still has that incredible atmosphere that we saw in the initial PC trailers created by some super sophisticated lighting effects. That's instantly apparent in the latest footage and really taken advantage of in the night time setting.

We love the way the level is lit up by cool pools of light in places, how searchlights and streetlamps pierce through the darkness and how explosions in the distance seem to sporadically illuminate the whole of the sky for a second.

We also appreciate how the intensity of the certain lights changes with the player's focus as he or she looks to the distance when aiming grenades or looking down a gun sight.

Aside from the gorgeous lighting, the new trailer also gives us a further look at some of the game's weaponry, gameplay mechanics and missions.


We quickly get a very close look at the mortar from all angles as the player sets one up to assist in the larger objective of securing an apartment block. The shell that's fired shoots into the air and bursts into a tight green explosion. Nice.

We're then taken to a little bit of teamwork enabled wall-clambering, which may not sound like much but it's a short scene that impresses.


There are loads of other soldiers throughout the trailer going about all kinds of other jobs regardless of what the player is doing. They're coming in from different directions, shooting to different targets, blowing up things inside buildings the player is yet to enter and even resuscitating fallen friends.

It's the characteristic that has always separated Battlefield from its FPS rivals; the way in which teamwork is rewarded, objectives are scattered and player focus is divided. We're glad to see that element getting a strong showing in trailers.

Once we're inside the apartment block the team is supposed to be securing we're introduced to that 'knock-back' feature that we saw in the first trailer.


Back then it was a near-by grenade that threw our man off his feet, this time it's an enemy slamming a door in his face. Fair play, both painful.

We see a more substantial knock-down with an explosion later that sends a load of troops flying. In the apartment though - once the player is on the floor with the threat of death looming as the enemy aims up for the shot - time slows down allowing the player to get a counter-shot in.


Finally we get a glimpse of an objective based on clearing a blockade of vehicles. It looks like they blow up in your face once you get there anyway but what's interesting is that the player appears to drive to that particular objective.

It's nice to see vehicles used in ways that were purely logistical rather than a gimmick for set levels, as long as the travelling doesn't take too long, but it also suggests the potential size of some of the campaign sections.

Have a look at the trailer, see if you can pick out anything else, then ogle the screenshots below.

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