Lumines Vita - First details

Touch screen features, "back to roots" soundtrack confirmed

Q Entertainment has revealed the first details on Lumines: Electronic Symphony for PlayStation Vita in a just-published interview with CVG.


According to producer James Mielke, the Vita instalment is a "true evolution" of the PSP original, which means less Gwen Stefani and more pumping Japanese house music.

"The original Lumines is the game people still ask us - to this day - to put on PSN, but it's a difficult thing to do because of re-licensing issues," he explained. "So, what we set out to create with Lumines: Electronic Symphony was a true, spiritual sequel to the original game."

Although Q's not ready to openly discuss how Lumines makes use of Vita's unique control features, Mielke did confirm Electronic Symphony will use the touch screen to help fill an "avatar gauge" and generate a "Chain Block".

Q has also introduced a Shuffle Block which randomises any cluster of blocks it comes into contact with. "It's neither a good block nor a bad block, but it could be either depending on the situation," Mielke explained.

As for the puzzle sequel's soundtrack, the producer said he made "a deliberate decision to bring the soundtrack back to the game's roots and, as a DJ, I'm personally overseeing the track order to create an ebb and flow, to take players on an electronic, musical journey".

First of all, iconic title track Shinin' will not return in the Vita instalment. "I know it's a sentimental fan-favourite, but we made a conscious decision to break from the past as much as we acknowledge and embrace it," we were told.

So far Chemical Brothers (Hey Boy, Hey Girl) and Kaskade (4 AM) are the only confirmed tracks, and Q says the latter "is actually the song that inspired the whole direction of the game.

"The exact number [of tracks] will remain a secret for now, but it will be in the dozens," Mielke added.

"And then there's the matter of post-launch support for the game, which will only add to the default selection built into the game. So I don't think quantity will be a concern, whether you plan to augment your game with DLC or not."

Many fans still regard the original Lumines as the best game on PSP. Read more about the sequel in our Lumines Vita interview.