Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer trailer tops Battlefield 3's. Discuss.

Debate: The footage is in, which side is impressing you so far?

We've been fairly familiar with Battlefield 3's multiplayer package for quite some time now.

Way back in June, during E3, we got a pretty decent look at what online shooting with friends would look like on the DICE FPS, albeit in a relentless montage of sensory bamboozlement.

We then got a few scraps of leaked Battlefield 3 alpha footage (which we doubt will still be around) before getting the more substantial, and slightly easier to digest trailer. Don't worry if you missed it, we've got it right here:

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Impressive stuff, no doubt, but up until last week we had nothing to compare it with. How could we properly judge the DICE trailer without knowing what Infinity Ward had up its sleeve with Modern Warfare 3?

Before the weekend we were enlightened as we got our first official look at Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer. What? You missed that as well? What's wrong with you? Good job we're around isn't it? Here you go:

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And that's not all. Only this morning Activision put out another Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer trailer which, if you ask us, topped the first nicely.

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Multiplayer gaming has become such a central part of the FPS that its success can make or break a title.

Obviously the only way to really tell which of the two are for you is to play them but, at the moment, this is all we've got. So, judging by the trailers, which studio looks to have the edge in the multiplayer war so far?

Despite most of you lot being strong, long-time supporters of Battlefield's multiplayer format, it's hard to deny that Modern Warfare is the online favourite globally. Based on first impressions, do you think it will maintain that position this year?

Tell us what you think of the footage, whether it's made a difference to your initial buying decision and what your second choice has to do to jump into first.