Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer Hands-on

New game modes blitzed in LA

We've just had the pad forced from our hands at the Call of Duty XP event in LA where MW3's multiplayer mode is being shown for the first time, and we've been left rather excited.

Getting re-acquainted with the main multiplayer mode it's clear that the world's template online FPS has undergone a few significant changes. First up players now have to choose a class of solider, from either Assault, Support or Specialist, which will effect how you play the game.

Assault class, which is still our favourite, rewards more gun-ho players. Support is a more team-oriented class - think medic in Team Fortress. And Specialist is tailored towards more expert players.


These classes go hand-in-hand with another other change: Kill-streaks as you know them are gone and have been replaced with point-streaks. Now, Depending on your class, you can call in different types of support. Assault gets things like the reaper - A remotely controlled lase missile, while the Support class can call in perks which benefit the whole team such as Ballistic vest after 5 kills.

Another benefit for choosing the support class is that unlike Assault and specialist your kill-streaks don't reset when you die, so you can assist the team constantly.

Specialist is in complete contrast to this as it opens up more point-streak bonuses the longer you point chain. You unlock one additional perk (beyond the 3 you select at the beginning of the match) after 2, 4 and 6 kills. This really rewards lone wolf players and allows for a lot of customisation in load outs.

There are also two new games modes on show in LA; Kill Confirmed - a game in which players not only have to kill the opposing team members ,but also collect their dogs tags after to confirm the kill - and Team Defender - a variation of capture the flag.

Out of the pair Kill Confirmed is a much more tactical game - knowing when to venture out in the open is key to winning, which offers a refreshing change to the other game modes.

Holding the Fort
Another game mode we managed to get our hands on has been announced before, the new Spec Ops game Survival. This is a two-player game that plays much like World at War's zombie maps, expect the zombies are now enemy soldiers and carry massive guns. All 16 multiplayer maps are available to play in this mode so it's a good way to familiarise yourself with the layout of each one before you hit the multiplayer proper.

Players start wave one with a standard pistol and are pitted against the first wave of enemies who are carrying shotguns. Killing these relatively brain dead soldiers, at least to begin with, earns you cash and allows you to pick up whatever weapon they were carrying. Doing this allows you to obtain the more powerful weapons without buying them at the reloading stations available at the end of each round.


As the rounds progress the enemies get more powerful, have more health and use tactical moments (we got flanked on more than one occasion) to try and kill you.

Each round also has specific tasks that can be completed to earn extra cash. These range from killing 5 enemies without taking damage to getting 3 headshots. This cash can then be used in one of three reloading stations, which each offer different items for your cash.

The weapons stations can be used for reloading and upgrading your weapons (adding red dots and shotgun attachments), the Armoury is for defensive items such as armour and additional grenades and most importantly, or at least the most fun, the support station allows you to buy things like sentry turrets and a four man AL controlled team called Delta squad.

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